The Odd Couple Wednesday May 7, 2008

So it’s a bit of a late Wednesday evening. I’m spending it twiddling around with the CSS bits of the Corporation’s web site and web log, while listening to the stunning new Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple!

So then my mind wanders and I start to check out the new site. I hate to say this, but nice use of flash. Low and behold I find the new video for Run.

Sure it’s not as dark and mysterious as Going on or as catchy as Blind Mary, but it does have Mr. Timberlake doing his blurst Michael Jackson impersonation. hey you can’t have Dennis Hopper in every video!

So I’d suggest you check out the Odd Couple if you get a chance. It’s far darker than St. Elsewhere and has perfect twisted little chilled out Mowtown vibe to it. Definitely no sophomore slump here. Check out A Little Better.

Categories: The-Music, The-Pop-Culture, The Corporation

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