Beautiful Babies Monday April 17, 2006

So on Sunday afternoon I rediscovered my Swingers DVD.

To many, swingers was just a movie which followed a bunch of lame 20-25 year old guys trying to pick up ladies in too cool L A. But to my circle of friends this movie became our quintessential bible. In the days before serious relationships, stock options, mortgages and students loan we all thrived to be as cool (or as lame) as Sue, Mickey, Rob, Charlie and the legendary Trent.

Swingers photo op

In the late 90’s and early 2000s, I can’t imagine a movie which had more of an impact on my vernacular. Beautiful Babies, You’re Money!, Any Glen will do, Business Class and the legendary This place is deeead Anyways! These lines were the foundation of our own little language. We were just a bunch of nerdy 20 year olds, walking around the university trying to act cooler than we were. We needed a sense of confidence. Acting like the cowardly dicks in swingers was our sole source of confidence. Every weekend we failed to get digits. But life was still a blast. We were pretty useless at this whole dating game, but by the final scene of swingers so was Trent.

Back in those days, I used to believe I was Trent – The fast talker who knew everything. But most of the time I ended up being Sue – the try-hard inner city kid who loses at NHL 97. Still it was a time with no real cares. Just the typical struggle of university, late nights at Denny’s and strolling through the Den like we owned the fucking joint.

Sunday afternoon reminded me of how ingrained in my subconscious T and his cronies have become. It was a welcomed breath of fresh air from the stupidity of 2006. And the fact this year marks the movies’ 10th anniversary makes it even better.

But alas that was then and this is now. The double VV looks like he hasn’t slept in 10 years and Ron Livingston ended up sleeping with that Samantaha Carrie Slop Tart. My circle of friends is now more concerned with mortgages than digits and its becoming that time to start embracing our collective ages. Ironically after watching swingers, I came across some advice on embracing life at Airbag Industries. I think everyone in the world needs a little quick wit, some old age and a gorgeous blonde.

On a slightly shittier note I woke up this morning to the delightful realization that Gerry’s Truck was no longer parked in front of my apartment. Unlike my luggage a couple of months ago, I don’t think Gerry’s Truck got lost on its way from Calgary to Austin. But by using my astute deductive reasoning I decreed that it had been stolen.

Yup, nothing like a stolen truck to start the week off. So I spent the morning on the phone with the police, AMA and Sirius (to cancel my radio subscription). Ahh well, Calgary’s finest recovered the truck in the middle of Forrest Lawn. Steering Column gouged and slashed. Cd’s thrown around the interior of the truck. A&W hamburger wrappers smeared everywhere.

Fun times. Fun times…

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Sorry to hear about the truck….Ill break out my bowling shirt and oversized chain in memory of what was…

travis · Apr 18, 09:40 pm · #permalink


C’mon Travis, we all know the truck has nothing to do with your predisposition for revisiting the 70’s.

Connor—I bet I know who stole that beast … I’ve heard that there is a roaming troop of Mesa Profs from the U of A causing havok across Calgary.

Scott · Apr 19, 10:21 pm · #permalink


Scott – I think you may have the wrong Travis. You might be thinking of Shaw rather than McNish. Still if ever cathc those kids/coke heads…

McNish – You’re so money you don’t even know it! You’re Money Baby! Money!

cturner · Apr 20, 07:56 pm · #permalink

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