Frontin the Pink Sunday May 18, 2008

So do you like the pink? Because it’s here to stay for a bit. I’ll explain in a bit!

Some of you may know, and some may not, but my wonderful common-law girlfriend is participating in Calgary’s version of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer! On July 25-27 she’ll be walking 60 kilometers in a hope to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Support the Weekend To End Breast Cancer

To say I’m not a little proud would be an understatement. Volunteering your time is one thing, but raising 2,000 dollars, volunteering your time and pushing your body through a 60 km walk in the blazing July sun is another. If 60 kilometers sounds easy to you! You are greatly mistaken. It’s a grueling and emotional weekend and I’m uber proud of my girl for doing it again.

So I’ve been trying to figure out more ways to help. I already donated. The company’s donated. I’ve conned my parents into donating and there really isn’t time to build a web site. Come on I’m a web designer, I have no real marketable skills.

So this is what I’ve decided, I’m going to keep this site bright motha F#$%in pink until we can raise a 100 dollars for her cause. So If your a regular reader, please plunk down 10 bones and hey you even get a tax rebate. I know that Caitlin would appreciate any sort of donation.

Wow, Connor! You’re threatening people with bad Graphic Design. You really are lame!

Okay! So that’s pretty ridiculous and you’re right. So here’s the other option, if c.t.overdrive can raise $250, I’ll dye my hair bright pink for that July weekend. I’ll post photos online for all to laugh at.

oooooo, bad web design and tacky hair cool, shivering in my knickers

So here’s the deal. I’ll have the running tally going in the sidebar. Once you donate to the cause, just leave a comment in this post. You don’t need to put the amount in this page, because it’s pretty easy for me to do some simple research and arithmetic.

So please, just give a little for great cause and I promise everyone I won’t be using this site to solicit for a long time. So yeah you Muppets, let’s raise some money!

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