Random Thoughts For I Heart T-Shirts Thursday May 8, 2008

This weekend are celebrating one of Caitlin’s kazillion cousin’s birthdays. To celebrate we’re going to the bar and of course we need a theme. What’s better than an I heart T-shirts Theme Party.

Guess which shirt is mine and guess which shirt is hers? By the way this is the best theme since the 80’s Wrestlers of yesteryear.

First – From Mr. Travis Shaw, an article in the Globe and Mail about free being the new profit. There was a similar article in Wired a couple of months ago. This one is very similar and a great read.

Second – I know this is sorta letting the cat out of the bag, but the Sled Island Festival has released it’s schedule for 2008.

Hey! Hey! Organizers of Virgin festival! This is how you field a line-up at an archaic Calgary Landmark.

Congrats Zak! Way to go with the second go around of the festival. It looks like it’s going to be a doozie.

Third – This quote from Kottke caught me completely off guard

… In fairness, the place sounds like a combination corporate HQ with an incorporated family living space, but still. Not noted in the article is the expensive laboratory-grade scanning electron microscope that Ambani uses to locate his teensy penis, for which the 27-story house is compensation. (via kottke.org)

For a guy who is usually so reserved and pleasant, it made me spit my coffee out in epic arch.

Fourth – Only in Canada is this national news.

Fifth – Veer has released an incredibly cool Calgary Font. I’m tearing up with pride for my wonderful city … and trying to justify the 99 dollars for the font.

Six – Shia Lebeouf is hosting SNL this weekend and that link is for the hilarious promos with Andy. (via. Lainey Gossip)

By the way Shia F#$%in ruled in Constantine!

Seventh – My old man has the creepiest phone message on his cell phone. It sounds like Megatron has taken over my dad. What makes it truly funny is that my dad has no idea what or who Megatron is … he probably thinks Megatron is a type of hockey stick or city in Thailand.

Eight – Alright, more SNL stuff.

Yeah its official, Christpoher Walken is a nut job … Either that or the single greatest comedic/non-comedic actor of all time.

Winston Churchill once said – These Eyes are the Windows in to a man’s face.

Good GOD that’s genius!

Nine – While this is what constitutes news in Ireland.

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