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Uncle Danger Thursday May 1, 2008

… is tired.

So I figure it’s time for a bit of an ol’ c.t.overdrive update. It seems the site’s been a little more on the links/cool things to look at vibe recently. So I figure it’s time for a bit of fresh air.

So yes, in case you have notice there’s a bit of exhaustion in the old c.t.overdrive for the past month. Juggling two full-time positions will do that to someone. Juggling two full-time position, one of course is a corporation, and a third consulting job is exhausting. So life outside of work has been kept to a very, very simple level.

Chill walks, hanging out with the niece in-law (is that even a term), smoking like a chimney and of course – shaking off the deadly mutomba virius.

I know everyone in the world gets into ruts and I know everyone has warning signs they’re about to hit a rut. Over the passed couple of weeks I sorta missed all of my warning signs.

Number one sign I’m in a rut, when I start losing track of the Flames or the NHL in general. When the playoffs rolled around in April, I still thought there was 20 games in the season. Seriously W.T.F! This coming from the guy who used to call in sick on trade Deadline/Draft Saturday just to watch the score 24/7.

The second warning sign I missed over the past month – complete ingnorance with Music or Pop culture in general.

I don’t know about you, but if it wasn’t for an assortment of muxtapes. I would be so out to lunch. Even though I’m already pretty out to lunch on a daily basis. So I’m trying to get back into swing of things and I thought I’d pimp some new music that I found via NonImage & PoploserMGMT – Time to Pretend.

While I’m at it, I guess an update on the old c.t.overdrive site itself is in order. Yes, the new layout is finally coming.

But more importantly, I’ll be updating the content of the c.t.overdrive. It seems that over the past few weeks Textpattern coding skills have increased by at least 3 lvls. I now wield a crazy ass HTML hammer. So watch out you 10 sided dweebs. Briiiiie!

That also means that I will be updating the blogroll for the site and returning the appropriate shouts to all the fellow people I’ve meet over the past few months. One more final bit of business. I just want to apologize for this now, but I’ve been subpar with my link references over the past couple of months. My dearest apologizes and I plan on getting my sh!t back in order and passing out the appropriate refrences for links.

Anyways, tomorrow it’s back to the random thoughts.

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