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Random Thoughts For Tony Stark Friday May 2, 2008

So if you’ve been reading this little log of nonsense for a while, you have to know how excited I am for the release of Ironman today.

Not only does it look like a killer movie, but more importunately it’s directed by everyone’s favorite beautiful baby – Mikey!

Come on it’s -Mickey-Mikey directing this. I can just imagine all the beautiful baby dialog.

First – This is old news, but yes Virginia Rogers is finally going to carry the god damn Iphone in Canada. Watch as how you utilize the internet dramatically changes … well in about four years.

Second – European dance duo Justice compiles their favorite tracks from this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

Third – Double Dragon for the NES is available for the WII Virtual Console. Jukes! Danyluk! I smell another 3:00am Video game session. (via. rboley)

Fourth – I know your tired about hearing about this sh!t, but here’s a solid series of reasons to use twitter for a business or professional reasons. (via Neil Patel)

Five – From the Bit Box Blog – 25 More reasons you might be a hardcore graphic/web designer

18. The only thing that would make you happier than the demise of IE6 is world peace.

and this gem…

19. You’ve done everything but give up a body part to talk a client out of a “Flash Intro.” Yeah. I said it. Flash Intro. Sad, so so sad. (goes along with #2)

Sixth – Alexander Ovechkin was recently drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

Seventh – Stereogum breaks news of Kanye breaking news of the new Justice Video. Anyone else think it’s funny that since the infamous I spent a million dollars – European Music Awards fiasco Kanye has been on of Justice’s biggest supporters.

Eight – Stephen Fry of million little pieces has completed his first interview since being lambasted by the Supreme Overlord Oprah. (via

Nine – Seriously, does anyone know what happened to Tara McCool? I need answers damnit!

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this is what happened to tara mccool

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