Random Thoughts For A Late One Sunday April 27, 2008

So this week’s random thoughts are bit late.

See that’s what happens when you spend most of Thursday doing your best Italian water fountain impersonation and Friday hooked up to an I.V. drip at the local hospital.

As you can see posting was a ranked just below holding down solids and saving electrolytes… So here we go.

First – Fiest & The Constantines hook-up! (via. mr. miller)

Second – The best show in the universe has finally released season two. That’s right people, Friday Night Lights season two is on DVD.

Third – William Shakespeare pens Hilary’s political campaign. (via twitterfeedh)

Fourth – Quite possibly the coolest and kookiest portfolio site I’ve seen in a while. It starts out really simple, but keep on scrolling and watch in amazement as it opens up into a cool little trip. (I know how it was done, but can you guys figure it out)

To make it a bit more entertaining, once you get to the bottom click on one of the up guys to watch the ride in reverse.

P.s. he’s got a solid wall paper to download.

Fifth – The official mux.tape blog is probably the best place to find new music and/or a soundtrack for the afternoon.

Sixth – The cast of the new G.I.Joe Movie. That’s right our favortie ex-Calgary Stampeder – The Rock as shipwreck … no word on whether or not the ultimate Joe Beachhead gets a role.

Seventh – The ‘08 Presidential Candidates aged by four years older. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine the great overlord Barrack growing that old in Four years … unless of course he loses and has to spend the next four years listening to Hilary Clinton and what could have been.

Eighth – Probably the best JQuery tutorial I’ve seen on the internet.

Not only does it simply explain how JQuery works (thank god!), but provides 10 useful examples that are easy to implement in any web site.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again – Nick La is an absolute gem.

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