Random Thoughts For the epic T-Shirt Purges of '08 Friday April 18, 2008

So last weekend I completed an epic T-shirt purge. Yup, cleaned out my closet of at least 6 Threadless t-shirts. I even dumped some classics like a Man U shirt and a couple of deftones shirts. Thus dropping my t-shirt collection by about 37.62% all in the name of removing the clutter from the apartment. Then I find rumplo.com

Rumplo - The T-shirt Buffet

An online buffet of T-shirts. Best of all, it’s all in one place.

All I’m say is that this + this + this means a maxed out credit cards….AGAIN!

First off – After dominating T.V. Oprah has finally ventured in to the last untapped market – REALITY.

Second- It’s fing Friday, so who doesn’t need another Intergalactic Remix to start the day off ?

Third – I love the Senators, but some one needs to fire their PR guys for this ridiculous 300 intro. That’s almost as bush league as the Edmonton Rush.

Fourth – Best Twitter post in a long while

From hotdogsladies Nice thing about a 2-year waiting list for a $7k purse is you can use the time to start sorting out exactly what the fuck is wrong with you.

Fifth – Nonimage’s Friday Video – The Apple I.

Sixth – I’m with Airbag on this one – For God’s sake Hilary, just quit!

Seventh – Big news in the Web 2.0/Blog/Facebook/Pimple-faced Virgin Industry, anew app from Sixapart allows you to utilize Facebook notes to post to your blog, twitter and other Social Media sites. This sounds kinda of complicated, but I have a feeling it’s going to change things in the Social Media industry.

Eight- I read this article from Wired on my way to Austin and it was one hell of a captivating read. it’s the story of a Cargo Tanker salvage team. If you have five minutes, and since it’s firday we all know you do, please read it. Gripping stuff.

And if it does turn into a Dreamworks movie, you can also count me.

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