Blackhawks Tuesday May 6, 2008

First and foremost I finally got my review for Cadence Weapon’s – Afterparty Babies up on Hurrah!

Anyways, back to the topic. So spurred on by a twitter post a couple of weeks ago and what’s left of my playoff fever; I thought I would throw this out there, but the Chicago Blackhawks have the most classic logo of any NHL team.

Yes, sacrilege I know. But in my opinion, it trumps the Habs, the Capitals (the Lettered version) and even the Flaming C. Why? I’m not sure. Yes it’s completely politically incorrect, but the combination of the Black and Red and the vintage logo gives it a classic feel. The whole dual Tomhawks and C for a shoulder patch, just makes the whole thing that much cooler. And then of course you have the official litmus test of whether or not a child can draw your image. It maybe a bit complicated and I’m sure a couple of children have butchered it, but it sure beats trying to draw a Coyote, an Avalanche or even the Columbus Blue Jacket Civil war Blue Bee. I know he doesn’t exist anymore, but damn that was a funky design.

Plus who wants to #$% with a Blackhawk, the man is bitter, grumpy and is about two seconds away from messing your face up. He’s far tougher than the Redskins logo and way more intimidating than that Senators Goober. Plus he’s been stuck with that ridiculous smirk on his face for at least 40 years, you know he’s about three seconds away from loosing his mind on some one. I know I’d be grumpy If I had to smile while consistently losing for the past thirty years.

So yeah, what do you guys think. Scott, I dare you to defend the Oilers

P.S. If you’re looking to get lost in every thing logos or even new uniform designs for an hour or two, check out for all your needs.

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