Random Thoughts for a Frosty Friday Friday March 3, 2006

It is 7:25 Friday morning and my minds already looking towards Saturday morning. So here are some random thoughts/links messing with my attention span…

A snowy-frosty Friday

1) Three of the funniest commercials I have seen in weeks. A new Volkswagen campaign (Vee-dub1 , Vee-dub2 , Vee-Dub3) staring Peter Stormare unpimping people’s rides. This guy is hilarious and completely underrated. His verbal duel with Tilda Swinton (an equally impressive actress) in Constantine made the movie. I can’t help but reminisce of the German Disco Dance Parties we used to hold at the Curry Cave. “Ooo looks like we are dropping it like it’s hot.”

2) Kick the Cheat. For homestarrunner fans this is self explanatory. For everyone else this is a great time killer.

3) I finally set-up my flickr account. Unfortunately nobody told me about the “maximum uploadable bandwidth per month” restriction on free accounts. Needless to say, the ten corrupt files I loaded maxed out my limit for the month. Anyways, my account is set-up and the red square box on the right hand side will take you there. On April 1st I’ll actually have some decent photos in there.

4) The Brit Awards were on CBC last night. I can never get enough of this train wreck of an awards show. Not only does it showcase the best of Britain, they also serve a ridiculous amount of alcohol. As a teenager, I will never forget the year Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, bum-rushed the stage to interrupt Michael Jackson’s orgy of self-righteous.

I only caught the tail end of it, but as always the show was not a disappointment. Kayne West’s medley of Diamonds from Sierra Leone/Golddigger/Testify was shit hot. But the personal high-light was Jack Johnson’s solo rendition of Better Together. I had the privilege of being Chris James’ Bitch at his wedding this past July. (Mental note: replace Bitch with Best man) Anyways we chose this song for their first dance as newlyweds. Needless to say to hear the opening lyrics last night was a sentimental treat.

So a well deserved “Happy 8 months together” is in order for Chris and Christine.

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