Random Thoughts For Stefan & SpeedSpecialists.com Friday April 11, 2008

First off, I’m super proud of all of my clients. I love the work I do for them, but this is just one of the projects that gets you excited to be a pixel pusher. It’s the web site speedspecialists.com and it will soon be the homepage of Concept 3 and Stefan Dalberg.

Stefan’s ice boating (and grizzled chin) was recently featured in Land Rover’s latest international commercial campaign. Yeah, that one that they playing during the playoffs. So for everyone’s enjoyment here is the latest LandRover commercial featuring Stefan and his ice boating skillz.

Range Rover Sport Set Free

Congrats Stefan.

First – Speaking of Pixel Pushers, Kanye west has found this unreal Pixel Couch.

Second – The playoffs mean one thing, more photoshop fake movie posters. Scroll down to the Iron Man poster for a kick ass laugh.

Third – Oh Mandy! Oh Mandy!, Oh Mandy! – by the Spinto band. Captured by Andy while we were in Austin. I’m not going to lie to you I’ve been watching it every morning as a pick me.

Fourth – Wow! This is why I love flickr. Because sometimes just one photostream can provide far more information, than any news outlet can. This week’s San Fransisco leg of the Olympic Torch of Relay

(via laughingsquid)

Fifth – Poploser’s Buttons of the month club! who doesn’t want a Charleton Heston Button.

Sixth – I hate Star Trek, but this is priceless. A statistical analysis of Star Trek.

It was found that red-shirted crewmembers tended to die in groups. In 17 red-shirt fatality episodes, 8 were multiple incidents, 9 were single incidents. In a little less than 50% of the fatal red-shirt situations, multiple crewmen were vaporized.

Seventh –

Eighth – Juvenille vs. Portishead! – More HoodInternet goodness. It’s been a while since they’ve dropped a home run, but this one is solid.

Nine – This is a basic recap of the excellent Design is in the details session from SXSW. Very cool synopsis of how to live and breath good design. if I had more time I’d live an breath good design, but right now

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