Good Idea, Bad Idea Thursday April 3, 2008

For reasons of personal safety, I missed out on all the April fool’s goodness this year. So to compensate I thought we’d play a little game called good idea, bad idea.

Mexican Chili Chips & Popping Mini Eggs

Good Idea: Brining back Old Dutch’s legendary Mexican Chilichips (Pictured on the left).

I heard about this revelation a few months ago, but with the glutastic epidemic, it slipped in the back of my mind… Until the I saw this treasured icon from my past sitting on the shitty shelves of Safeway.

And the verdict? Simply amazing. This new reincarnation is flavorful and so full of spicy goodness. Each bite is like pockets of amazing. Plus the gas that you incur shortly afterwards is room clearing phenomenal.

Bad Idea: Popping Mini Eggs. (Pictured on the right)

Everyone knows that Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are one of god’s gifts to mankind. A hard crispy sugary shell wrapped around chocolaty goodness. You can’t really go wrong with that. And the best thing about them is that they are are addictive as hell. I don’t know about you, but for two months each spring I basically live off these things.

Subsequently, when I was between the ages of 10 & 21, popping rock candies were also a good idea. What kid doesn’t want to eat sweet sugary delights which exploded in your mouth.

And just because two things are good ideas, combining them is not always a great idea. Sorta like Jone’s Soda’s great Turkey and Gravy experiment. Somethings don’t mix. Period.

The problem with Exploding Mini Eggs is that the novelty quickly wears off after the first couple. Especially when the shell gets lodge between your teeth and you’re trying to fend off that exploding sensation as it rattles your teeth. Which subsequently rattles your brain. Kinda like that feeling of biting metal with fillings.

This is why popping Mini Eggs are a bad idea. See after the novelty wears off you’re left with an unfair dilemma; A large bag of coveted mini eggs, but with a painful price. See eating more than one Exploding Mini Egg at a time incurs indescribable pain. With normal Mini eggs you can devour them at an exponential rate; but with popping eggs the more you eat, the greater the intensity of the popping. The greater the intensity of the popping, the more pain.

So way to go Cadbury’s, Worst Idea Ever!

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