Random Thoughts For JunoFest Friday April 4, 2008

So JunoFest is upon our fair city. For those of foreign decent, the Juno’s are our version of the Grammys. And for a country that is home to the likes of the Arcade Fire, Feist, The Wolf Parade, Social Broken Scene, and Bryan Adams; You would think that the winners of the Junos would be just as amazing.

Well unless you like Celine Dion and Anne Murray, your probably going to be disappointed.

But, but, but there is a silver lining to all the Juno mania that has descended on this city and that’s Juno Fest. Which is two solid days of music.

So after a couple of questions from friends here are the bands you should check out. You’ll have to check the schedule to figure out when they’re playing, because I’m rather lazy tonight.

Elliot Brood – Bonafide Death County. Miserable, Tom Waits and perfect. Doesn’t get much more prairie than this shit.

Dragon Fli Empire – Can’t deny anyone that raps about Whitehorn, Mount Pleasant and Forrest Lawn. Them and Cadence Weapon make it good to be an Albertan Hip hop fan.

The Most Serene Republic – If Broken Social Scene is Jake Gyllenhal, then Most Serene Republic are that guy from CSI:Miami..

Gunther From what I recall of Sled Island, they ruled in a My Bloody Valentine sorta way. But I was pretty wasted, so I really don’t recall. Probably not third or fouth date material.

The Dudes, Hot Little Rocket and Forbidden Dimension are always a good bet for a great night. Hot Little Rocket always pulls at my nostalgic heart strings.

First – For next year’s greatest day ever!

Second – Chris Cornell is still a little miffed at that unique version of Billie Jean on American Idol last week. You know what I kind of respect his opinion, he really laid it on the line with that single and now he gets riped off by AI.

Third – From the StaleLife blog, the Nokia phone company explains this Web 2.0 goodness.

La chanson du web 2.0 par NOKIA
by buzzynote

Check out their take on SXSW

Fourth – Come to think of it, with the Juno’s, Sled Island, Folk Fest, and the imaginary VFest this year – Calgary is really having a great year for shows.

Fifth – Via la Longhorns

Sixth – AmeberMac has done a bit of a redesign. Very cool new look.

Seventh – Hate to admit this, but Jimmy Kimmel is still pretty funny.

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