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Mux-tacular & Sled Island '08 Monday March 31, 2008

First off, Travis from louderthan is running a contest which is looking for entries of custom designed snowboards. You budding artists out there start sharpening up your illustrator pointers and get cracking.

I mentioned muxtape earlier and all it’s amazing simple genius So, here for you Monday pleasure are a few muxtapes to get you through the beginning of the week.

Best of SXSW08- courtesy of nonimage
The old El Daveorino
Poploser’s muxtape
The too true Catbird Muxtape

So there, some music for your ailing souls.

In other music news, with the Imaginary Virgin Fest still struggling to reveal a line, let alone update their site, it looks like “Sled Island”: is back and even released a line-up. I’ll admit with the VF happening I totally thought Zak and his crew would have folded, but it looks like it’s alive and well. Good job guys.

And on another note, I have no fucking idea why I’m posting in this suto-quasi radio voice. I’m gonna blame it on the stupid work schedule of the past two weeks.

Note: No idea why comments were off on this one. Damn you sleep!

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