Muxtape Tuesday March 25, 2008

So this blew up on twitter this afternoon. yeah, yeah Turner, we get it this twitter stuff revolutionary. Shut up already.

But seriously is a simple as shit site that allows you to make a simple 12 track MP3 mix tape.


Here check out the official ctoverdrive muxtape. Put together in 15 minutes and filled with phil collins, bear vs. shark, spoon, and the hoodinternet.

Now before you start chastising my song selection look at the above statement – MP3 mix tape. That means no itunes tracks. That’s right kiddies those aren’t MP3’s.

But anyways check my muxtape out and maybe the muxtape of a few others. I’m sure you’ll find a new song that you like. Plus, I challenge you to share your own muxtape in the comments.

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