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Random Thoughts For All this Twitter Nonsense Friday March 28, 2008

Promise, this will be the last I’ll talk about all this twitter nonsense. But a couple of days ago, the legendary ZeFrank decided to start a simple color war on twitter. Kiddies, this type of idea that is disgustingly referred to as a meme. There you go, now you can’t say that the old overdrive didn’t teah you anything. The idea spread like wild fire and it was ridiculously childish. You choose a color team, place a badge on your twitter symbol and then partake in a series of geeky random camp fire exercises.

The first one was an epic game of ro-sham-bo. Apparently that means Rock, Paper, Scissors in American and there are a slew of other games coming. It is a pretty creative idea and one that was super interesting to watch evolve over a two week period.

So if you swee a bunch of geeks photographing a gmae of Rock, Paper, Scissors over the next week, just smile and nod. Smile and nod.

First – Another example of Twitter speak

Second – Alright enough of this twitter garbage! Puck that Hit presents all 30 NHL Coaches in all their glorious Star Wars form. (thanks rob)

Jacques Lemaire – Has battle scars and many conquests, but his grumpiness is upsetting the next generation.
Note: It’s a trap!!

Third – SnakeEyes ‘nuff said.

Fourth – My favorite little mash-up hub, the hood internet is now one year old. Keep the tunes flowing guys!

Fifth – I couldn’t agree more. For four guys from Halifax, Sloan seriously does rule.

For the record it’s awesome name for a stunning Entourage Girlfriend.

Sixth – From MSNBC, the Top Five most shocking video game moments. I don’t know what’s more shocking this list or the fact that MSNBC knows what Metroid was.

Seventh – I’m not gonna lie to you, there some days when I wish I could just send this guy to a clients house… (thnxs Miller)

Eighth – So if you fire all the workaholics at a design studio, what if the only employee of a freelance design studio is a workaholic. Who’s gonna run the company.

In all serious, a great article about why workaholics are detrimental to a startup.

Nine – Saw this on the hour, but Andy pointed me to the streogum link. Dr. Pepper promises one free can of the Dr. if Axel Rose releases Chinese Democracy.

hmmm…Makes me wonder what the guys at Dr. Skipper are thinking at the moment.

Ten – How to keep your girlfriend sedated.

Eleven – Here’s big news for alot of people that are really tired of dull digital photos. Adobe has released an online version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. Andy at nonimage has done a fantastic write-up of the service, so I won’t bother you of details. But this is a very cool move on Adobe’s part to give the rest of the world, people unwilling to drop 1,500 on CS3, the ability to enhance the ridiculous photos of their drunken friends puking into garbage cans.

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