SXSW08: Tokyo Police Club Thursday March 13, 2008

So Monday morning was rainy and shitty at Austin, and it made sneaking out to the Blame Canada Session a little different. Because I was going to Fucking Texas and who needs a raincoat. Fahk.

Needless to say the Blame Canada Session was really solid. I did a polite blog recap at the corps site, but the session got very heated. One of the heads (and apparent rockstar hotshot) of Microsoft Canada came up and lambasted the panel. To the point where someone in the audience just grew tired of his banter and fired back at him.

It actually turned a lame panel into a very intriguing one, because as much as I hate to admit this … The rockstar was right. You can’t triumph Canada’s accomplishment to a room filled with Canadians, when we barely make up 10 percent of the SXSW attendees.

The rest of the panels that morning where only somewhat interesting, not memorable enough to write about. But I did hit up the Iron Works grill for the first time. Which was divine and totally glutastic!

I only caught the tail end of Nuclear Taco as I was cross town at the Canadian Film Centre’s showcase, trying to woo clients. Those tacos are still ridiculously hot and they still ruined my colon the next morning.

Get to the point already Turner!

Alright highlight of the night and the perfect way to end the entire experience was Tokyo Police Club’s showcase at the Fvvvvvrvrrrrr Launch Party

First If you are going to launch your social web site at SXSW; with a killer set of bands, make sure you tell people what your site is about! You’re in beta (surprise!) and your name is missing a bunch of vowels, but what the fahk is FRRVRR?

I digress. As much as Tokyo Police Club sound like a bunch of kids playing Strokes covers. They are a very, very solid band and rightfully deserve all the credit they’ve received over the past few years. I was a fan before and now I’m a loyal converted fan to the cult of TPC.

I’ll have to admit for such a whirlwind tour this year, the Fvvvvvvrrrvvrvr party was the perfect way to close out SXSW 08 for myself. With all the parties going on, all of the people I meet up with ended up at the Mohawk for a spectacular night. I wish I had more pictures to share, but I sorta put my thumb through the screen of my Sony Camera. Long story.

A couple more blog posts to come in the next little while, but that’s a wrap of SXSW and of the days gone by.

swag post and ice cream man posts to come

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