SXSW08: Austin City Limits Tuesday March 11, 2008

So like two years ago, I’ve gone from blogging like a mad man, to being two days behind. It’s far to easy to get caught up in the excitement of SXSW and I’m trying to catch up right now.

Now, I’m in the legendary Denver Airport. It better not be fucking foggy in Calgary.

Sunday evening was a very interesting one and oddly enough I was able to complete a personal goal.

We went to the disappointingly lame threadless, moo, etsy, timbuk2 party. For such innovated companies, a moo card holder and some stickers really isn’t a nice botch of swag…Still love the companies, especially timbuk2 which is now #1 on my must have list.

So myself and Andy, bounced, yet again to another party. This time to one held by weirdly weird at the Austin PBS studio.

Unannounced to me, we were actually attending a party at the studio where Austin City limits produced. Lets review that statement.

THE STUDIO WHERE AUSTIN CITY LIMITS is broadcast. As Andy would say, fucking ace.

The night was great. Free food and great bands. Although we missed LightSpeed Champion, we did catch the adorably poppy sounds of The Spinto Band.

Besides that the talks on Sunday were really phenomenal. Far better than Saturdays talks. I’ve blogged about the super intriguing icanhasacheezburger panel at the corp’s site. You’ll notice the ads that now appear on c.t.overdrive. I know it’s a different look for the site, but I felt it was finally time to start monetizing my insane ideas. They’ll change and become more integrated with the web site once I get around to the new redesign.

next up on the blogging list … The Tokyo Police Club party.

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