SXSW08: Twitter Revolt? Tuesday March 11, 2008

Probably the defining moment, or the moment that will be talked about for years is the Twitter revolt during the Mark Zutterberg Facebook Keynote.

I will go out on a limb and say that this could be a defining moment and will challenge how speakers and interviewers run their engagements.

Anyways the story goes that the Facebook interviewer, Sarah Lacy, really dominated the keynote and turned it into a small sorta person publicity session. Lots of inside jokes and lost of ridiculous personal anecdotes. Which I’m sure has happened at thousands upon thousands of conferences before, but unfortunately for her this was SXSW...And sometimes you can’t stop the twittering mob.

As what happens at SXSW the masses started sending out twits of displeasure at Sarah Lacy gushing ego. As Twit after twit was sent out, the keynote spiraled into oblivion. People, with the knowledge that there were thousands of disappointed attendees, began boing and jeering. Then the entire conversation spun out of control and the panel was an epic flop.

By the end of the day blogs were dissecting the event, Zutterberg had to make an impromptu Q&A Session, Sarah Lacy’s career was potentially ruined and even a newly release Comic Book App was flooded with Facebook Comics.

The interesting aspect to think about is the development of this crazy mob mentality. In most panels, you’d probably turn and grumble to your neighbor or make a snide comment as your leaving. But with the advent of technology, people were empowereed (wrongly or rightly) to revolt and show their displeasure at the panel. Which i think is probably a very interesting a defining moment.

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