SXSW08: Daylight Savings Time Monday March 10, 2008

10am is the new 8am

Daylight savings is killing me today. While VirginMobile Canada’s lack of American Roaming has left me out in the dark. Completely unconnected in a sea of iphones and itouches. Very disappointed with Virgin’s service and I am really tempted to switch carries.

Enough with the complaints.

So far I seem to be testing man’s limits on consuming and surviving SXSW on Torchy’s Tacos and Mexican coke.

Besides the legendary musicians get condoms & the interactive people get software difference, you know your at a different type of conference when…

  • 7 guys will discuss the extremes they would go to if they got jacked for their laptops.
  • Laptop Battles are an attractive event. see previous post.
  • Twitter isn’t just a kitschy web 2.0 app … It’s a common form of communication.
  • You openly front a binary code tattoo.

Day one of the conference was good, but not as interesting as Day two has been. Some of the sessions I attended today covered topics from Sporting Teams and their challenges with new media (blogs, forums, facebook) and Monetizing your blog. But the most interesting forum had to come from the guys. Hilarious, informative and free cheeseburgers to boot.

Now for more shout outs!

Last but not least, if you’ve got facebook, do yourself a favor and pick up the Pack Rat game. It’s addictive fun.

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