SXSW08: Essentials Saturday March 8, 2008

First morning of SXSW and as my wonderful better half says, it’s good to be surrounded by my people again.

The SXSWi is hilarious in it’s ability to unite the unique creatives, thinkers and great designers of the world. It’s a wonderful place for unique thinkers. Except for one thing, we all look the same.

If your looking for a specific white male, with a kitschy t-shirt or thick rimmed glass; good luck finding them at SXSW. You just described 92.1% of the attendees. I swear that’s the creative dress code. It’s hilarious to consider yourself a unique personality, when everyone looks the same … Well except for one little thing.

The fact that I don’t own a mac, is a bit of an oddity. One of the funniest things to do at SXSW is let the windows intro tune to play when you turn on your computer in a session. The looks you get are priceless.

And I’m also going to throw out the one piece of SXSW advice that I’ve discovered. Most people won’t like it, but pick up smoking.

Again to steal advice from my better half, smoking is one of the easiest ways to meet people. Because all smokers are typically chastised for our vice, asking for a smoke is the easiest way to meet people.

I’m also impressed by the Canadian contingent that’s here this year. In particular, the Calgary contingent. The flight over I met two awesome Calgarians attending the festival for the first time and a quick look at the SXSW registry shows people from Cambrian House, Veer, and istockphoto.

I’m going to be dropping shout-outs to all the people I meet during SXSW, so here’s the first of many. remember kids…smoking does pay.

  • Carole from netdiver – a fabulous, fabulous design magazine based in la belle province.

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