Random Thoughts For Being Texas Bound Friday March 7, 2008

That’s right kiddies…It’s SXSWinteractive time here at the old c.t.overdrive.

I’m two years older and two years bolder. A little more experienced … This time I might not have three nuclear tacos and ruin my colon…

Or maybe I will…

Anyways, I’m going to be video/normal blogging about the entire conference here on c.t.o and on the corporation’s blog.

First – More hood internet goodness (NSFW)

Second – The Hours Greatest Thing EVER … Hmmm Sex Vs. The Wheel… Guess which of these two one that debate…

Ahh good ol wheel…Where would we be without you… WHAT sex won! .. well I guess you’ve got a point there…

Third – And the Hour takes a bit of a pot shot at the ridiculous bill C-10.

Fourth – First Lego StarWars became my vice … Now there’s Lego Batman. Sweet mother of god Currie, we’ve got to finish that game before Sept 2008….ooh lego Indiana Jones

Fifth – How I wish I looked like in my home office…

Sixth – This drives me up the wall. 40 years ago a hotel plays a huge part of the end of very crooked president. We all know what that was called … Yes WaterGate… Now some 40 years later, every god damn political controversy in the entire word get clipped with that fing GATE tag! It drives me up the wall.

The memo leak, which is being dubbed NAFTA-gate,

Seventh – Why I felt like a dejected Democrat in 2004 on Tuesday morning.

Eighth – Via kottke.org – Starbucks states vs. Walmart States.

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