Random Thoughts For Realizing Corporate Dream #71 Friday February 29, 2008

Corporate Dream #71 – A roll of custom corporate stickers.

Soon to be found in unhygienic locations through out Calgary, Austin, the British Isles, Toronto, Upstate New York and Norway.

Viva La Armadillo

(Stickers done via JakPrinting)

First – Kromestar … coolest name for a band ever!

Second – SXSW Worldwide Flickrite meet-up at the Cathedral of Junk ... Unreal! Unreal!

Third – The 37 Signal Gods are in Wired Magazine this month.

Fourth – Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson Vs. The struggling Genius Artist.

Fifth – Stereogum revists Nada Surf’s Popular video. Ahh Jared Leto, that’s what life was like before you lost your cool factor…

Sixth – I’m sorry, But Kanye has one hell of an eye for fashion.

Have I mentioned we got tickets to the show in May…

Seventh – As someone who has written and writes music-reviews, I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to really listen to a CD when reviewing it. But MAXIM, come on at least listen to the CD once before reviewing it!

Eighth – People who complain about Late February stunning snowflake dumps in Calgary really, really need to reevaluate their lives.

People take a breather and enjoy life for a change.

Ninth – Last, but not least – The Full Iron Man Trailer!

You f’ing did it Mikey! You f’ing did it!

Tenth – Hood Internet + R.Kelly + Weekend = Magically Delicious!

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