Upcoming.com Wednesday February 27, 2008

So without me realizing it, in little over 8 days I’m off to my third fourth home for a nice little four day stint. That’s right it’s SXSW time again kiddies.

That’s right! Back to that humid liberal Texas town where all the magic that started this god forsaken web site started in the first place. Of course it’s not nearly as cool as it’s older brother the Music Festival, but SXSWi is an amazing little time for the code jockeys of the world to unite and sit around … and blog … about sitting around.

Alright it’s not that bad, there’s actually a slew of cool events scheduled for SXSWi at upcoming.com. Including free booze parties, worst time to stop drinking ever!, from Limewire, Digg, Flickr, Google, Adobe, and even the Threadless guys. So who says dweebs can’t party. And here’s my obligatory shout out to the worlds best Festivel/Event planning site Upcoming.com – Thank you for saving my ass tonight.

So needless to say now that I realize that I’ve got about 7 sleeps until Austin comes a knock, I’m going to be a bit panicked. Especially since my fancy dancy Corporation cards/stickers haven’t arrived yet!

Oh! and one more thing. I had to take this from raspberry’s blog, but here’s City and Color covering The Constantines’ Soon Enough. Just skip the first 50 seconds of banter

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