Tradecenter Monday February 25, 2008

For the past five years I’ve miraculously managed to be sick on the NHL Trade Deadline day. It’s been a personal mini-tradition, to grab a 12 pack, my laptop and some Lays potato chips and spend most of the day glued to my favorite sports channel (As a rule of Thumb TSN has never been that station) and watch as each trade filters in.

Unfortunately, Last week gobbled up my fare share of sick days and I am FORCED to live vicariously deadline day through, it makes my skin crawl to link to this the ungreatful eye’s of TSN’s Jay Orniet’s TradeCentre Blog. If anything it’s worth a very good laugh…

Especially, since this will be the quietest deadline day in the past 10 years.

P.s. Now that I made that statement the sh!te will hit the fan and it will be the craziest deadline day. Don’t worry you can all thank me later.

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