Random Thoughts For a Fever and Wolf Blitzer Friday February 22, 2008

Since Tuesday morning at oh, say about 11:00am, I have been incapacitated with a delirious fever. One of those delirious fevers where you sleep most of the day, but you don’t really sleep because all your dreams are so f’d up that you can distinguish between them and reality.

I haven’t had much energy for anything. Needless to say that THE BEST POLITCAL TEAM in the world has become my only contection to the outside world. Unfortuntaly, that also meant that they seemed to dominate my delirious dreams. Imagine Wolf Blitzer’s demonic beard haunting your dreams and you get the picture!

It got so bad that on Thursday night, I thought the overlord Obama was talking to directly to me during the debate when he called out for all the Delirious people to join him…

Turns out he was just shooting down Hilary.

So needless to say this week has been a complete and utter write-off. Sorry for not being in touch.

First – This is how weak I have been this week. After an epic search, we finally bought a wii this on Sunday and I haven’t even had time to create some customized Miis.

Can you fathom an Admiral ACKBAR Mii character? Can you fathom that awesomeness?

Second – For godsake, Don’t fahk with St.Patrick!

Third – The BRIT Awards were on CBC last night and like always this Booze fueled musical orgy was no disappointment. Those cheeky monkeys – the Arctic Monkeys cleaned up the night with two booze filled acceptance speeches. While the highlight musically, well besides the whole Sir. Paul McCartney thing, was The Unspeakable One’s version of Umbrella with the Klaxxons.

Rihanna and The Klaxons – Umbrella – BRIT Awards 2008

Fourth – And with that The Unspeakable One still solidifies a spot in the freebie five.

Fifth – A beautiful Flow Wallpaper for your new desktop.

Sixth – Fascinating post by Mark Cuban on acquiring Jason Kidd for the Dallas Mavericks.

Seventh – I’m stealing this link from Jd. But White people do love MOS DEF.

Eight – BTW read JD’s blog if you ever wonder what it’s like to want to stop blogging. Probably one of the most unique inner monologues about wanting to stop blogging.

Nine – Top Ten Wii games coming out this year. Mario Kart + Competitive Girlfriend = long nights on the couch.

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