Random Thoughts on a Holy Quasi-Friday Thursday April 13, 2006

So since tomorrow’s the holy day of Good Friday. I’ll do my Friday post today … On average Thursday.

First- It’s Bermuda Shorts Day at the U of C. So in honor of all the new ALUMNI and the last day of Classes – It’s time for the ominous Miller High Life ... LIVE the Miller High Life.

Second – For Dougie E. Fresh, the man with so many choices and so little time – What If … by Pixel Artist Craig Robinson. A neat little what would of happened if he made a couple of different choices in life. I’m partial to the Rockstar path. Oh how I’ve wonder what it would be like to ressurrect my music career with an unplugged album.

Third – When crappy Rap-metal “pioneers” argue like little children. Besides the fact you’ve still living off a great George Michael Cover, you’ve been reduced to volleying potty-mouth shots at each other over the internet. L-a-m-e.

Four – From 50 things to do with your Ipod, Disguise it as a case of Altoid Mints.

Fifth – What really made Yoda so Fucking Crazy? [Note: You have to do some scrolling, but the question is there]

I can’t believe it was a year ago today I was running around Cascade Hall, stealing beers from first years and screaming “Its OKAY I’m ALUMNI!” ... Ahh what it was like to life the Miller High lifestyle. ... How I miss you Champagne of Beers … How I miss you.

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