Random Thoughts For The Summer of '69 Friday February 15, 2008

Honestly Vancouver! Wayne Gretzky….

My West Coast Slacker Friends, just forget Gretzky. You know who you really want … You’re favorite pimple faced friend – Bryan Adams.

Can you imagine a sprinkling of snow, thousands of people clapping in unison. The Sumer of 69 pounding in the background. Then just as Bryan runs up the steps the sound system at B.C. place breaks into and that’s where I met you!

Men cry and women lose their virginity … It would be epic.

First – George and Ryan Reynolds duel it out in The Hour’s Friends Segment.

I’ve always been a big fan of Mr. Reynolds, You were the bomb in Blade:Trinity, but any man that chooses Lethal Weapon over the Die Hard trilogy, must have his masculinity questioned.

Second – Another hawt Eboy.com T-shirt

Third – I bet you anything Kanye Drops a record with giant Robotic Elephants in a few months.

He’s already rocked out with legendary French Robots, why not rock out with Mechanical Elephants? Seems like the next logical step, non?

Fourth – British cannibalistic children are funny.

Fifth – From the Onion, via Kottke.org – Haven’t we learned from Deep Impact yet?

Sixth – Spoon remixes Feist.

Seventh – Welcome to Zak.fm. Maybe you’ll be able to find a few intresting song choices … Cool concept for sure.

The acutal Zak.fm link

Eight – The System is Down – The System is Down – The System is Down – Doo-Da-Lo-Doo-Da-Lo

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