Random Thoughts For Joey Juneau Thursday February 7, 2008

Before the flames game, Sportsnet had a remarkable piece on “Joey Juneau’s” amazing work teaching hockey to kids in Northern Quebec.

It is well known, that besides Gary Suter, Joe Juneau is my all-time favorite hockey player. So besides teaching hockey to youth of Northern Quebec here’s some other stats.

  • If it weren’t for Mr. 72 goals in his rookie season. With 102 points, the double JJ’s would have won the Calder Trophy hands down… Those sneaky Fins always get in the way!
  • The Bruins were amazing … until they traded him away to Washington.
  • The Capitals were amazing … until they let him walk away into Free agency.
  • He has an Engineering Degree in Aeronautics. (i.e dude’s a Rocket Scientist)
  • He’s played for the Caps, Sabres and the Sens. Three of my favorite teams of all time. How I never got a Sens Jersey with Juneau on it I will never know
  • He was almost as ugly as Ricci.
  • He was unreal in NHL 93.
  • He now looks like a woodland hermit.

... And to top it off he’s doing some very amazing acts of generosity for the Children of Northern Quebec.

Long live St. Juneau.

First – Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have a long ongoing joke, involving Jimmy always running out of time for Mr. Bourne.

On a recent episode of the Kimmel, The talented Mr. Ripley exacted a bit of revenge with the aid of Kimmel’s long-term girlfriend Sarah Silverman. (P.S. Not safe for work. Not even safe to click on!)

Second – A creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, explanation of the Bloody Mary myth. (from D.C.)

Third – After ten long years … looks like Duke Nukem: Forever might finally be released….maybe (from the D.A.)

Fourth – Kari Lehtonen of the Atlanta Thrashers and chronic groin puller, has a Transformers goalie mask.


Fifth – 9 Power Tips for Gmail!

Sixth – American Copywriter rips apart the Super Bowl commercials. (via veer.com) Thumbs down to the Budweiser Clydesdale and gives the thumbs up to the Audi Godfather bit and FedEX carrier pigeons. (BTW it’s an audio podcast)

Seventh – Another entertaining Lainey Riddle.

Eight – From Ford Trucks to Alberta Recycling Depot commercials, why do banjos always play at the end of commercials made in Alberta? Why do we always have to sound like the soundtrack from Deliverance to justify our Alberta-ness? WHY!

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