How I wish Girl Guide Cookies were made from... Wednesday April 12, 2006

... Real Girl Guides. Why? Because somebody needs to reduce the number of parents of Girl Guides in the world. The flurry of co-workers pawning off boxes of cookies around the office is unheralded. I have been conned in to purchasing three boxes for my office and a box for my home.

See if these cookies were made with real girl guides, we’d slowly see a decrease in the number of parents soliciting cookies at work. Eventually in two-four years there would be no more guides. Thus no more parents of girl guides to sell the cookies…

… Of course there is the potential for a Soylent Green-esque epidemic. Where citizens of Canada would become feverishly addicted to the unreal tasty goodness of those cookies. Forcing the national powers that be, to breed overeager Girl Guides in a Matrix like human farm. Breeding for the sole purpose of reproducing them as cookies. Until one day when an overeager detective would uncover this fiendish plot and reveal to the world that Girl Guide cookies were made from real Girl Guides. Wow! That would be priceless.

Alrighty then…less caffeine in the mornings.

On a more serious side, over the past month I’ve dove right back into my love of music. Full on! Fists a blaring. Since then I’ve noticed I’ve been in better spirits. Ironically yesterday as I started penning another music-critic review I came across Dooce talking about the affect music was having on her current spirits. While I’m less sympathetic to menstrual cramps and the whole kid tossing books thing, I can’t find a better description of the feeling of new music:

I’ve noticed a difference in my mood since I started searching for new music, a new lilt in my step that keeps rhythm with the melody in my head. It’s been so long since I’ve made music this much a priority in my life that I’d forgotten what it was like to lie in bed awake at night with line after line of lyrics running through my brain like the words on a teleprompter. – Dooce, April 11th, 2006

So here are some things I’ve been listening to:

P.s. For the record I have nothing against Girl Guides, I just don’t appreciate their over ambitious parents.

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