Random Thoughts For Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Friday February 1, 2008

This comes straight from Old roommate Phil. Not even I could make this one up.

There is an off Broadway emo-musical call Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. It details the rise of a young Andrew Jackson to his presidency, all set to a emo rock score … It even includes bloodletting (or cutting one’s self to relieve stress/emotions)...


Songs range from the play’s anthem about democracy and unrequited love, “Populism, Yea, Yea,” to the effusive song in which Jackson cuts himself, draining his blood into a bowl as his wife sings, “Why Do I Feel Sick When I Look at You?”

First – Our Obama Overlord was named the most techno-savy candidate in the U.S. Party Nominations. Further adding more fuel to my previous Obama statements.

Second – Denise Quaid as General Hawk. Please say Randy Quaid gets to play Tunnel Rat.

Third – From the twitter account:

Merlin Man – If Freemasons knew how often I confuse them with Shriners, they’d totally hit me with one of their little clown cars. Crap. Did it again.

Fourth – Ever wondered what happens when someone (or I) posts a blog post?

Fifth – I really don’t know how I feel about this. Given the personal circumstances over the past few weeks and my admiration for Daniel Day Lewis, I just don’t know what to say. I guess everyone in the world handles death differently.

And btw it’s a pretty moving speech.

Sixth – Palmsout Remix 99

Sorry it’s a been a while.

Seventh – From Laughing Squid.com – You suck at Photoshop #5: Color Correction.

Do you need help Donnie? I can hear you clicking and breathing? Donnie are you okay…


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