Random Thoughts For Noodles Friday January 18, 2008

You all remember Noodles right? Back-up goaltender for the Flames for a couple of seasons. Pretty much saved the season with a 6 game streak in 2003-04. You know days before kipper was traded to the flames…

Well he’s got a web log...

Jamie McLennan vs. Tyson Nash

... And he’s in Japan. With Tyson Nash. Watch as the hilarity ensues. (image via Jamie’s site)

First – Don’t know what it is about Dooce, but this woman is pure genius sometimes. There is a reason this woman is a professional blogger.

... and then walk back into the living room where Leta is still crying and Jon is actively acquiring more Star Bits. And I’m standing there with my parts peeking out the front of this giant coat, a snow-covered puppy wriggling violently in my arms, her poop-scented tongue licking my forehead.

Second – Well, tell us what you really think of AT&T and the iPhone.

Third – Hey! It turns out Christopher Columbus discovered the syphilis rather than the Americas. Nice job pal.

Fourth – I.F.H.Mondays = NSFW, but funny as hell.

Fifth – More creepy R.Kelly mash-up madness courtesy of the Lords at the Hoodinternet. R.Kelly vs. The HoneyDrops

Sixth – Damn they have freaking Hoodies!

Seventh – You know you’ve lost major street cred when!

Eighth – Non semi-pornographic ads get American Appreals back into trouble. (thanx kari)

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