Upset? Wednesday January 9, 2008

So is it just me or is the blogosphere pretty dead at the moment? Is it really true that nothing exciting is happening in the world right now? Where’s the comedy?

Anyways, last night’s Flames loss caused so much unwarranted misery, that I spent the night watching Wolf Blitzer and the every changing Clinton-Obama battle royal unfold.

This might be another case of DT-18 Syndrome*, but I am still fully enjoying the Obama train this morning.

The American notion of unless your first, your nothing, was predominant throughout CNN’s coverage of the NH primaries last night. I found it interesting that a speech like the Barrack’s was given little air time.

For a guy that underwent a unfortunate reversal of fortunes in New Hampshire, he still comes off with the most powerful speech of the night. (Far greater than Hilary’s speech) Embodying the spirit of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther, even in the face of defeat. It’s a fairly moving and impressive speech.

Anyways, the whole race was far more entertaining than the flames debacle last night and it brought up a lot of interesting side issues. Did the general demographics of New Hampshire swing against Obama? (A largely white centric area, with a small youth population) Did Obama’s high expectations persuade the less enthusiastic Youth vote from avoiding the polls, because Obama was going to win anyways? Did Hilary’s rare sign of emotion and non-robotoness really sway women voters? Or did the Bradley Effect come into play?

So many questions are arising now and so many little side stories. Will a weak showing in South Carolina (John Edward’s homes state) force him out of the race and shift the Anti-Hilary contingent to back Obama? Will a larger black community endorse Obama or stay with it’s Clinton ties?

Sorry, I guess it’s just a pretty captivating race at the moment. I promise we’ll return to regularly scheduled c.t.overdrive goofiness in a bit.

  • DT-18 Syndrome: My tenancy to cheer for a Calgary Flames with tonnes of potential and spend years watching their career spiral into the ground. Thereby forcing a trade to another team, where they typically disappears in obscurity.

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