Two Ominous Omissions Monday April 10, 2006

Alright so I really coped out in regards to posting this weekend. I tried but I was just too swamped with life and I’ve also been contemplating a new sort of post. If I get a new bout of ambition I’ll give a “soapbox” blog post a try. A sort of well thought out mini-essay and leave it open to comments. So besides debating what I wanted to write about, a general lack of sleep and the trials & tribulations of apartment hunting (more on that in a bit) – I was pretty much left gaggling in my own stupidity like a little baby by Sunday evening. So I cheated and just posted the Jimmy Fallon video.

So now its time to catch up.

First – I captured this stunning street stencil down under the CPR tracks on First Street. There are a few pieces there, but I love this one by Kalum!


Second – There is a new Danko Jones record review over at [and also a fantastic Flaming Lips review] If it sucks, you can blame me. I honestly don’t recall writing it. Apparently I did it sometime during the twilight hours this weekend. I think… Maybe … I don’t know.

Music-critic is going through a small face lift in the next few weeks. For some unjust reason I decided to enter in the 2006 CSS Reboot. Because, you know I’ve got time to rebuild a website before May 1st, 2006. Either way, expect the new version to include dynamite, pole vaulting, orange jumpsuits, laughing gas, and choppers

Third – I love it when Canada flexes its military muscle and sovereignty. I understand the political implications, but really “around 50 people on snowmobiles pulling wooden sleds, it was the largest tour of its kind in the Canadian Arctic for 60 years!” That’s embarrassing.

Fourth – Here’s a simple template to create covers for Mix Cd’s. you remember CD’s right? Those things everyone used to make for their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Finally – I thought it was time to address the two ominous omissions in this blog since I launched it. For some stupid reason I’m still suspect to Irish superstitious. So for some reason I decided not to talk about a couple of issues – as if their mention in a blog would make the world collapse. I know! It’s crazy and stupid! But it’s the Irish in me.

So first (or is this the sixth) is my beloved Calgary Flames. Saturday’s one point ensures the flames will be in the playoffs. I said at the beginning of the season, I would be ecstatic if the flames placed higher than sixth in the Western Conference. I didn’t want to jinx them so I omitted any reference to them. (Cause that makes sense!) The fact that they have the opportunity to win the division is phenomenal. This is a deep team and will be a nightmare to play in a seven game series.

Second (or is this the seventh … My god! I’ve lost track) is my significant other. Probably the most noticeable omission on ctoverdrive.

It’s no secret Erin and I went through a tumultuous Feb-March. I won’t get into gory details, but we needed time apart. She need time for the dread monster of EVDS and I apparently needed to go and crash into a snow bank in Montana. Either way we’re back together and we’ll be moving in with each other until she leaves for Barcelona in September. (Hence, the headache which has been apartment hunting in the ravenous Calgary market.) Luckily the new place is only two apartments north of my current location. Unfortunatley it’s not exactly what we wanted, but it just might do for the summer.

I’m not one for vomiting sunshine and/or being mushy. So I’ll keep this short. (Plus these two are way better at it than me ) Erin’s become my best friend over the past few years and I’m ecstatic to have her back in my life again. She’s the coolest girl I know and I can’t imagine a better person to wake-up and waste those lazy sunny summer mornings with.

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