The Adventures 2007 Monday December 31, 2007

So it’s that time of the year again … Time to recap the year…

But first it’s time to recap the year in cities. Now before we start, last year’s list was far, far, far more adventurous than this year’s edition. Again a good old Astrix decrees multiple nights.

So there you go c.t.overdrive’s Year in Cities. Feel free to add your list at the bottom. I’m hoping that 2008 has a little more Texas and a little more England involved with it, but who knows what the new year has in store.

Since that was pretty lame I hope that you all check out Wired’s Year in You Tube clips . I’ve blogged about a couple, including Chocolate Rain , The Hitchcock Hamster and My humps – By Alanis Morisette , but this little Mega Man/Chocolate Rain splice is too priceless to ignore.

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