Resoultions '08 Monday January 7, 2008

This little resolution post has been sitting in my draft posts since New Years’ Day and just crying to get published. It’s funny how hard it is to be reflective when you get an unexpected crash in reality … but anyways lets move on.

Alright, so I’m going to be a little reflective for a bit … and quite frankly you’ll just have to grin and bear it. (or just switch to and realize that Starbucks actually benefits small mum and pop coffee houses.)

TinkerBell Retrospective

What to say about 2007? Well if I root through all my sappy emo-driven resolutions from last year, I can openly say that it was one hell of a year. A roller coaster ride of a time with the old Corporation and a successful person pilgrimage back to Ireland (albeit a corporate disaster for Armadillo).

In a very strangely unconscious and conscious manner, I managed to complete all of my resolutions for 2007. Whether it was making a choice on my decision to move to Ireland or my choice to kill the ol’ c.t.overdrive. (of which I’ve been sober for 3 months on January 15th) Truth be told all of the resolutions of ’07 came to fruition.

MySpace Retrospective

The odd element of looking back at the resolutions set out in 2007, is that they all encompassed one underlying goal: to establish a home or an identity. Whether it was going back to my roots, pushing my business or even trying to stop drinking. It all revolved around establishing something… I guess something called home.

Happy Holidays Ghombas!

On New Year’s Day as Caitlin and myself endured our Friday Nights Lights Marathon and as a people continuously filtered thorough our tiny little apartment, the only thing that I could think about was the amazing feeling it was to finally feel at home.

In an odd sorta way, I couldn’t have been happier with 2007. And as much fun as 2007 was, it was a bit of the strain on my grey hair count. Something that I don’t want go through for a while. So with that I’ve decided to abandon resolutions for 2008… And maybe, just maybe … I’ll take a step back and just enjoy my little home for a while.

Happy New Year ye’all.

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