Random Thoughts for the Holiday Taint Sunday December 30, 2007

Happy Holidays ye’all.

I think this could be the worst time in the entire world. The time more commonly referred to as the old Holiday Taint.

The period of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
There is never any thing to do during the Holiday Taint except post miscellaneous ramblings on www.acuraworld.com

First – A baby trained to give the EVIL EYE. (via amber Mac)

http://view.break.com/422660 – Watch more free videos

Second – Airbag Industries takes on the new corporate blog mega blog – The Blog Council.

Third – The my Lilliput Flickr Stream.

Fourth – Kanye West goes off to SPIN magazine about making some Black Music and White Music.

Still love this guy’s world destroying ego.

Fifth – Burton Snowboards is giving up a $5000 reward for anyone willing to breakthrough the tyranny of the last Four Resorts in North America that ban Snowboarding on the hills. (via. kottke.org)

Sixth – Kid in a Vadar mask!

Seventh – And it’s official, 2007 is finally over. Pitchforkmedia has finally released it’s Top 50 records of 2007. Surprisingly enough Ranidohead, Battles, and Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga all made the top ten. While some obscure record you’ve never even heard of top the list…Surprise…Surprise…

Well at least Ghostface Killah made the List. Nice job Ironman.

Eighth – Following up with that. Here’s a little secret for everyone. If you want to create that perfect little mix tape for your little senorita, Pitchforkmedia’s top 100 tracks of the year is the perfect little resource for some

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