Top Five Thursday December 20, 2007

I’ve plugged the music-critic enough on the site, but just one more plug is necessary. I thought since I’ve already been in this debate a couple of times, I’d open it up to everyone to tell me their top five records of 2007.

The Kings of 2007 (via Music-critic)

As I’ve already written up a little blurb on mc, I thought it would be better to give the real reasons why I chose these albums.

5. The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour – This was a toss up between Kanye West’s Graduation and QOTSA’s Era Vulgaris and Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

Graduation, was good but a little weaker than (bad pun) Late Registration, but had some solid tracks in Stronger and the Good Life. Era Vulgaris suffered the same fate as Kanye. 3 & 7’s and misfit love area amazing, but the rest is far weaker than (intended pun) Sons for the Deaf. I love _In Rainbows _and the new Radiohead, but it’s really not overly memorable. Maybe it’s the none CD format or the fact that it hasn’t been ingrained in my head like O.K. Computer. Or maybe, just maybe I wanted to be cool like everyone else.

Reunion Tour sorta won after that because of their epic curling anthem.

4. Daft Punk – Alive – In high school I totally thought Daft Punk was for tiger tie wearing – purple shirted outcasts. Some ten years later they’re making my top Ten. Funny world.

Truth be told this is a wicked live record and makes me wish I hauled my ass over to Cocachella this year to catch their spectacle.

3. Battles – Mirrored – If you read this site adding Battles wasn’t a surprise at all. I have more video and posts about Battles than I do about my Irish mum and English dad.

2. Arctic Monkeys – Favorite Worst Nightmare – During some of the rainy days in Cork city this year, I’d walk around the downtown core listening to nothing but The Streets and this record.

I’d sit by the river lee with some BBQ Hula-Hoops, a pack of smokes and the occasional pint of Murphy’s and think about things. It was very memorable and the Arctic Monkeys will always remind me of that time.

1. Feist – The Reminder – I may not be able to spell her name or even remember the record name, but I absolutely love this record. Ntohign goes better with the cleaning the dishes or just reading a pretentious magazine than Fesit.

The Worst Record – The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes are Dark Horses – This was such a bad record! I tired really hard to make it one of my favorites. But all it got was three horrible plays in my Cd player. How could it be bad It was picked for a Polaris music prize?

Well hindsight is definitly 20/20. As I know understand that the Polaris music prize is just an elaborate waste of Canadian time. This records was sooo dull and boring that I can’t even fathom why I thought this was going to be some dark and moody epic like GodSpeed you Black Emperor or something.

Celine Dion’s skinny legs are darker and moodier than the Besnard Lakes.

So what are your top Five records. You don’t even need to explain them just list’em…

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