Random Thoughts For Chins That Kill Friday December 21, 2007

This goes out to the Danyluk Borthers, Mr. Rennie, Chomiack, Congressman D.A. and every single fan of the great Bruce Campbell and his indestructible chin.

My Name is Bruce the Movie…

Can someone say the new Snakes on a Plane.

First – Eboyz has a cool new Tokyo Pixelated Poster

Second – Now Slower and With More Bugs! Stickers

These handy stickers will increase the visual appeal of many different items. If you happen to take them to any big box electronics stores, please bring your camera and post pictures in the Evil Mad Science Auxiliary. We want to see those action shots!

The perfect solution for those Futureshop/Best Buy blues. Apply to the latest cell phones and watch customers freak out.

Third – Advice from Michael J. Fox. Funnily enough nowhere in the article does he pass on the advice he got in Teen Wolf.

There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese.

(via. Kottke)

Fourth – Oh! Sweet Lord! The Queen Xenomorph is leaving her cocoon in Vegas.

Fifth – No wonder the ‘Juice is a god. MOFO worships Hakan Loooob!

Sixth – A hilarious little article about Alexander Ovechkin, The Capitals and one little segway tour. (absolutetly love the new Caps Jerseys – Jukes get your own damn jersey!)

Seventh – Speaking of Washington D.C. and funny blog posts. This could be one of the most hilarious and VULGAR posts I have every read. If crack, taking crack for naughty favors, diapers and transvestites offend you – Use common sense don’t read it. This is an epic NSFW! Epic!

It’s the famous Crack is Whack post that I caught on raspberry sundae sometime ago.

Eight – (From Twitter) Right Click + itunes + Get Album Art = Hours of OCD satisfaction (or dissatisfaction when it can’t find a cover)

Coldplay? x&y?

Nine – Coke with Ginger = cold remedy magic.

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