Flagship Wednesday December 19, 2007

Well old Friends.

Due to the new Music-critic redesign, I had to take a little breather on the old Random Thoughts and posting in general. The past 10 days have been one hellish string of html code, photoshop templates, pink, black, and .php. All for Saturday’s relaunch of the new 80’s inspired Music-critic.ca redesign.

I know I promised never to talk about Corporation projects on the c.t.overdrive again. But this project was an undertaking.

See Music-critic.ca is the site that really got me started in this whole web design business about 2ish years ago. I had been writing for it for a few years, but when Nathan came to me asking if I wanted to handle the Wed Site maintenance, I jumped on the opportunity. Since then I’ve been using it as a little HTML testing ground. Showering it with crazed ideas and learn the basics of web design. A little place to fail in obscurity, while still providing a decent product.

Version 3.0 of Music-critic.ca

Above is what music-critic used to look like up until Saturday morning. Bland gradients, unbalanced sidebars, raged edges and some token graffiti images. It was a good design for someone just starting out with .css and wordpress. But it needed to be better.

Music-critic.ca version 3.0

As of Saturday the new 80’s inspired pink/black explod-o vomit design is up and live. And I couldn’t be happier. Inspired by hoodies, ghetto blasters & b-boy culture, and the occasional design aesthetic the new layout is bright, aggresive and memorable. Design and layout is far more flexible and more profitable than it’s predecessor. Hopefully it’s a bit eye catching to. In addition, with our new found understanding of the power of WordPress this site should be far more adaptable and competitive for the next little while.

Anyways, before I finish this post (and get back to reality) I have to give a few shout outs. Thanks to Nathan for giving me the freedom to run with my cockamamie layouts ideas. Thanks to the Boley-bot for all his .php work and layout help. Thanks to Blambot for their amazing font selection and GoMedia for their Arsenal of vector images.

And with that…

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