Random Thoughts For Friday Night Lights Friday January 4, 2008

The easiest thing in the world to do on New Year’s day is to sit in with the last of the Christmas goodies and watch an entire season of your favorite show, episode to episode. Last year, NBC dominated my new year’s day with it’s Heroes marathon and this year it was Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Others, have mentioned it but this really is a phenomenal!. Peter Berg’s (The Kingdom) theatrical rendition made me tear up at the end and pretty much every episode of the show does the same. There are moments, when Caitlin busts me in all my sappy teary eyedness.

Yes, you can somewhat predict what’s going to happen, but there are moments that leave you feeling and reeling for the players. The banter between the Coach and hist wife is priceless, while eerily mimicking my future. But the best part about the show is Berg’s (who serves as producer to the show) jaw dropping production value and artistic cinematography. It really just brings the show to a new level.

I highly recommend purchasing season one on DVD. Because let’s be honest you’ll have to grab my copy over my dead body.

First – the 56 Geeks Poster! Which one are you? I’m going to say i’m a bit of a Sports Geek.

Second – Cheap and rare art for sale. Now everyone can have affordable art.

Third – Mark Cuban, Sports Black Eyes, Popeye and the Media

Fourth – Oooo another must have T-shirt.

Fifth – The New Yorker has run an interesting article about the urban phenomena of Parkour

Sixth – One Hershey’s Kiss Fondue pot for sale.

Seventh – Kanye West’s blog is finally back on the radar and to celebrate … he played Connect Four with Beyonce.

Eighth – Signals Vs. Noise gives a shout out to The Obama Train and his Iowa caucus victory speech. at around the 10 minute mark it starts to get very Martin Luther King-esque in power and delivery.

We are not a collection of Red States and Blue States, but rather the United States of America.

Pretty powerful stuff.

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