Random Thoughts For The Blue Bombers Thursday December 6, 2007

Heading to the wonderful province of Manitoba for a bit and in a bit. Thought I’d do a bit of research for the visit…

The Blue Bombers – In 1936, during a game against the University of North Dakota, Winnipeg Tribune sports writer Vince Leah remarked “these are the Blue Bombers of Western football”. This phrase was referring to then heavyweight champion Joe Louis, known as the Brown Bomber. From that day forward the team has been known as the Blue Bombers.

So that’s where it comes from.

First – Hello, is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile… I can’t see it in that likeness you sculpted (looks nothing like me). But you’re blind, so A for effort.

Second – A funny series of events from dooce and BYU’s honor society and some issues with skirts.

Third – Christmas Time – eboy style

Fourth – From the twitter feed.

anandx Someone edited BumpTop’s wikipedia page to describe it as an “egg cooking machine” recently http://tinyurl.com/2yxjgf about 5 hours ago

Fifth – An image from the new Speed Racer Movie. Directed by the Wachowski Brothers.

“The effects are beyond belief. We called it ‘car fu,’ because it was like kung fu with the cars,” Silver says. “We couldn’t have made this movie until right now.”

So many Morpheus and Machine one liners… So little time.

Sixth – Staying with my nerdom. Guess who’s playing Snake Eyes in the new G.I. Joe Movie? That’s right it’s Ray Parker. Who’s Ray Parker you ask. It’s good old Darth Maul.

Now that’s a casting you can’t argue with.

Seventh – I ♥ Reply All’s.

Eight – The All American Glamor Kitty Contest (via. Veer.com)

Wow. Enough said.

Nine – Mike Toth roasts Steve Nash’s decision to not play for Team Canada in the Olympics. I’d expect a lot of hate mail on that one Tothy. not even Kaleb Toth can save you now man.

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