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Twitter-ific Wednesday December 5, 2007

Slowly but surely, I have been shifting my braindrain time from the glory that was Facebook to Twitter.

For longest time I had now idea why I found Twitter interesting at all. It’s just an elaborate version the Facebook Status blurbs, but without the pretentious “Connor is” preface. (Obviously your account doesn’t have Connor at the beginning. Because if it did then we’d have to have a little discussion. Isn’t that right peasants … yes … yes it is)

Sure you can send personal messages and do elaborate things with Twitter. Plus anything that appears on CSI (Whoooo!) NY (Boooo!), has to be cool. Right?

But it wasn’t until I stumbled on this little blurb from everyone’s favorite blogging New Yorker – Jason Kottke, that I finally understood why I was beginning to like it so much.

In Twitter, there is a sense of ordered play. There is no judgment. You can talk to your neighbors, stand up and give a report on what you’re doing, pass notes, make fart noises if that’s your schtick (the highest form of comedy), or sit in the back, observing. But if you do a real banger mouthfart, like where your arm gets all wet and people actually think they smell something, there’s the joy of peer approval, in the form of a “favorite.”

There just seems like there is more freedom with Twitter and you’re not going to be bombarded with status updates of people in lovey, dubby dove with their significant other. You can do anything ask a question, post a link or make a random comment.

I’ve been detailing my struggle with Joe Montana Sport Talk Football ’94 for the past few weeks and I find it hilarious.

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