Oprahbama Thursday November 29, 2007

This isn’t new news of any sort, (I guess it sorta is, because it’s only two days old), but Oprah has officially thrown her hat of support behind Senator Barack Obama.

This is a very riveting, yet somewhat predictable turn of events in the Democratic Nomination. As much as I find Oprah irritating on so many levels, her POWER is unquestionable. There probably isn’t a single non-political citizen alive today that has as much influence and sway on a vast majority of the American population as Oprah. Unless of course you include Dr.Doom and the Red Skull. But realistically their power and sway comes from mind control devices and dastardly schemes rather than the soccer mom contingent.

The Associated Press article linked above, make a great statement about the influence of Oprah and brings up many, many valid questions. For the record the “And on the Republican side you have Mike Huckabee saying, ‘I’ll see your Oprah and raise you Chuck Norris!” comment made me spit coffee all over my keyboard.

Oprah’s opinion can turn you into a celebrity (Rachel Ray & Dr. Phil) or turn you into a diabolical villain (James Frey). She is truly more than just a celebrity, she’s a source of public opinion. She can push a backburner global issues like Darfur or the AIDS epidemic front and center into the opinions of millions of Americans in a single one-hour block. Not to say that those opinions are backburner topics, just until she stepped in most people wouldn’t even know what (RED) was. So what can she do if she publicly endorses a charismatic and progressive Senator? My hope is that she pushes’ him over the edge.

Oprah’s sway is definitely not the kiss of death like Michael Moore’s has become and it is definitely greater than Ted Nugget and The Boss combined. But will she be a positive or a negative to Barack? Oprah does have her detractors. Will she sway people supporting Hillary Clinton away to the Obama camp? Hillary’s bread and butter is the Soccer Mom contingent, a group that Oprah has strong sway over. It’s all very intriguing?

Which leads me to ask one more question. Who is more powerful? Oprah or a trilogy of terror that includes Dr.Doom/The Red Skull/Chuck Norris?

One exports pain, while the other has a Va-jay-jay.

P.s. In case you’re wondering Oprahbama shirts already exist.

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