Random Thoughts For HoliDorks Saturday December 1, 2007

I’m sorry, but I had to try and correct the definition of a Holidork.


First – RedBull’s Crashed Ice competition is holding time trials at the SaddleDome on the 10th. You can’t sign-up for the competition, but I do think that you can go and watch the time trials.

Oh and by the way, if you’ve never heard of Crashed Ice. Think of 4 hockey players on an icicle version of a Motocross track and some good measure of Roller Derby Action.

Second – Oh Jeez – quick brain test here. Which Aussie Rocker is most likely become the Environment Minister?

a) The Androgynous boy from Savage Garden
b) The Ultimate Puma and that unreal White Devo dress.
c) The Guys from AC/DC?
d) That bald headed guy from Midnight Oil who used to dance in a toga and sandals in front of Exxon head quarters.

hmm tough one.

Third – Looks like one of my pictures from the ’06 trip to Barcelona has been used in a Schumap of Barcelona. (click on Casa de camper and it’s the third photo.)

Fourth – Best Greeting card ever!

The only things left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches … Go fudge yourself

Fifth – In response to Mukmuk and that Sasquatch with a killer tat, Sportsnet has released it’s homage to the Olympic Game mascot of yesteryear.

Sixth – What’s December 1st with out a little LUDA-crismas!!

Eighth – Jeffery Zeldman with another great article on the state of web design. A must read for anyone interested in Web Design or just curious on how the industry works.

Seventh – Seriously, Luda-crismas? Is there nothing in the world that this guy can’t do!

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