Random Thoughts For gRAPhical Analysis Friday November 16, 2007

JD sent me a link to some graphical analysis of rap lyrics. This one had me in stitches.

This brings Mo’ Money – Mo Problems to a whole new level.

First – It appears T-Mobile has copyrighted the color magenta on anything Telecommunications related. Because, you know the telecommunications industry only encompasses things like cell phones, communications and the internet. Should be an easy thing to work around right?


Second – Oh JAM! That Pumpkin’s got Champagne in it FAM!=

Third – More from the Kanye West Blog – The Stronger Video Shades.

Fourth – Although it doesn’t look like the new Lupe Fiasco Record will make the Music-critic top five of O7 special, (in the pipeline for December 15th 2007), from the leaked tracks on the net it is going to be a killer album. Probably everything that Graduation wasn’t. So on December 18th, pick up The Cool

Fifth – Hey Kiddies in Estavan Sask, Sir Richard Branson called – You just won a free carbon-free rock concert.

sidenote: I love how smarmy and quick a bunch of CBC interns are to point out Branson’s minor flaws.

Sixth – Umm weird….I for one know that my Moo Cards Don’t Dance. If they did they would throw it down to Phil Collins.

Seventh – Four steps to saving your life.

Step 1. Download the new HoodInternet MixTape 2. Load on to Itunes. 3. Listen to Track TwentyFive – the Arcade Fire vs. Montel Jordon track 4. Break out in a fever of awesomeness-sweats.

Eight – I’ve got to stop watching Ferguson and start watching Conan. Pale Force goes to Canada Androgynous Boy is very, very, disturbing.

Nine – The World Clock – The World Population vs Deaths rate, makes me cross-eyed.

Ten – Good god! Another link stolen from last night’s Hour with Mr. Strombolopous – JoyShirt.com

I have to say this is one of the most brilliant t-shirt concepts I’ve come across. You basically log on, chose a face, then a shirt color and style and then have that shirt hand silk screened by artist Jeff Woodrow.

The T-shirt then gets sent to you, where you inturn send a photo and then have your face placed in the community of faces. Thereby connecting you to this global community of people.

Super cool concept. One that I’m gonna be suckerd into…Once I clear up my visa.

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I cant believe Estevan won! Nothing but coal miners, coal fired power plants and gun toting hicks in Estevan. At least they should enjoy Nickelcrack.

cj · Nov 16, 04:55 pm · #permalink


Ah – But they are Canada’s best community at turning off a couple of light bulbs.

Signing up for a Web Site + Turning off a couple of Light Bulbs = Rock show Amazingness.

cto · Nov 17, 11:34 am · #permalink

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