Random Thoughts For One Great City Friday November 9, 2007

One Great City could possibly be the perfect ode to a love/hate relationship with a city. (or for that matter anything)

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the guess who suck, the jets were lousy anyway
... hears the price of gas repeat his phrase
i hate winnipeg

First – In addition to Lost, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, and Entourage … it looks like Fall has also been canceled.

Two – Finally someone has explained that cloaked-little-radish-tossing-travesty that was Super Mario Bros Two.

In most games, you trust that the designer is guiding you, through the usual signposts and landmarks, in the direction that you ought to go. In the Real Super Mario Bros. 2, you have no such faith. Here, Miyamoto is not God but the devil. Maybe he really was depressed while making it—I kept wanting to ask him, Why have you forsaken me?

Third – Lookie here, the WebLog Awards are going on. And it appears that under the category of Best Canadian Blog it looks like Raymithemix seams to be losing to Small Dead Animals. Considering the sheer craziness of Raymithemix’s site, it’d advise you to go and vote for her.

But that’s just my opinion.

Fourth – It appears the Ze Frank show is has fired off one last video because of the writers strike.

Fairly odd sense of humor, but still worth it for some solid commentary…like on MySpace Ugly.

Oh and if you’re curious who Ze Frank is, he’s pretty much the father of the video blog trend.

Fifth – (Fast Forward to 1:46-1:56 mark) Wow! I need a pair of electrically charged socks.


A classic moment in cinema history: Ralph Macchio battles Steve Vai in ‘Crossroads’. Yes – this is everything that is cool about music. I like to believe that secret underground guitar battles like this are fought everyday. I also believe the Karate Kid attends many of them. As does the man who invented SkyNet. Only someone like Steve Vai could make the electric guitar look so ludicrous. This is the reason the boys of South Park make fun of Randy Marsh.

A priceless quote quote and one priceless ten minutes of video.

Seventh – Further proof that Shia Lebouf is the next Harrison Ford. (and to a lesser extent Owen Wilson)

Eight – eeeee Zombie!

Nine – If Twitter was the new Facebook, then Tumblr must be the new Twitter? I get so lost sometimes.

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To demonstrate what a gigantic nerd I am, I’d like to point out that the American version of Super Mario Brothers 2 was not actually designed by Miyamoto. It’s a remake of a different game released on the Famicom in Japan.

So really, SMB2 has nothing to do with the real Super Mario Brothers but certain elements have been co-opted as the series progressed (Shy-guys, Birdo, etc).

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