Random Thoughts For Moonwalker Friday November 2, 2007

After far too many versions of Thriller, I got to thinking about one of the single greatest video games I have ever played for the Sega Genesis.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

That’s right Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker! A game designed to promote the classic single Smooth Criminal, where you control a White GANGstar Jackson as he high kicks and moonwalks all over bad guys to save a bunch of children. Where once you touch enough little boys … er save enough little boys your monkey (Bubbles of course) comes out and transforms you into a Gigantic Laser shooting Robot. Even better, if you JAMMED on all three buttons at once, Micheal broke into a Dance and all the enemies on the screen exploded.

There are some ridiculous things from my childhood I’d like to think were figments of my imagination, unfortunately the awesomeness of Moonwalker was not one of them.

First – Just in time for the NBA regular season, the NYTimes has a full feature on the Canadian Jesus, aka. Hair Canada, aka. Mr. Promiscuous Shout-out, aka. Captain Canada.

Two – Sunshine villages has redone their archaic Web Site. Pow-Pow?

Third – Bill Maher Tosses out some 9/11 conspiracy theory hacks! WHY do people still think this was a conspiracy. I disapprove of the Bush Administration as much as anyone, but the concept or thought that this was even a plausible conspiracy is Ludacris.

Fourth – Va-Jay-Jay – So that’s where it fing came from.

Fifth – Sweet Mother of God! Sweet Golden Babies are born from this song.

I don’t want to sound ludacris or anything, but Phil Collins should run for Prime Minister of Canada.

Sixth – It’s not on GooTube…yet, but the Foo Fighters destroyed the European Music Awards with their Guitar hero-esque Stage Show. (You’ll have to get through the 45 second Snoop Dog Intro to get to it … so just wait)

Red, Green, Green, Yellow, Red – WAMMY BAR!!!

Seventh – Damnit Skywalker! That’s one ugly ass shirt.

Eighth – Steve Nash shoots up 14inches in the off Season.

Nine – I love the Freakonmics Guys. The Jane Fonda Effect

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did you see their cover of holiday in cambodia for the mtv awards? what i wouldn’t have done to be in that room…


raspberry · Nov 8, 11:44 am · #permalink

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