Random Thoughts For Halloween Retirement Friday October 26, 2007

I’ve decided that last year’s Phil Collins Costume was the upper echelon of Halloween costumes. Because of which I have officially retired from the event that is Halloween.

Sidenote: this has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t think of a good costume this year.

First – Bollywood remake of Fahrenheit 9/11 Criticizes Bush Administration Through Show-Stopping Musical Numbers.

Second – A neat little intro to FUDDYTV.com. a comedy site started by a couple of guys I used to play high school football with … some 12 odd years ago.

12 years! Oh Jesus I’m fucking old.

Third – Calgary raised artist releases the first edition of Proof from Image comic books.

Fourth – To round out the Calgary taint of this week’s random thoughts. Turns out that the legendary Douglas Copeland thinks Denver, Seattle and Calgary have shitty restaurants and shitty grocery stores

And well … And well … Umm … Okay, he might be right to some extent, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that JPOD was horse tripe.

Fifth – First it was Synergy. Then it was Forecasting. Now it’s Bucketing.

Apparently, Bucketing is the coolest form of business speak to describe the basics of information architecture (how categories and sections define a web site) or as Airbag put it – it just means this.

(Sorry, I had to recognize that little post for the amount of milk it made me spit out on to my keyboard)

Sixth – Fuckin eh! The Weakerthans & Virtue the Cat is back

I need to climb out of my apartment once and a while!

Seventh – I’m sorry Doug, it was immature of me to lash out like that. I really thought Hey! Nostrodamus was a solid book. Even if it was as at about as uplifting as Requiem for a Dream. It still one of my top ten books of all time. Does that help. Sorry Doug.

Eighth – My girlfriends gonna shit a brick about this one – Puppies in StarWars costumes.

Nine – We all need some Halloween costumes, looks like AA is suggesting some very emo-leg warming costumes.

Better yet who needs to dress up as anything, why not dress up as a trapped American Apparel Model?.

Ten – How Google’s algorithm works.

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