Random Thoughts For Bottle Rocket Friday October 19, 2007

Last night on the Hour, Wes Anderson and Jason Scwartzmen were on to promote The Darjeeling Limited and it got me thinking about my favorite Anderson movie – Bottle Rocket.

Got to love pagooda.

First – Listening to the Flames game tonight and with names like Kopitar & Frolov the Los Angeles Kings are the NHL’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Second – Braille Tattoos. (via kottke.org)

Third – Easily the slickest Jersey in Hockey at the moment.

Fourth – A fascinating and sad little story from Airbag Industries.

Fifth – As predicted Threadless is back on the ball again- Transfarmers & MyRules.

Transfarmers - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Sixth – If I ever hold interviews for a position and the potential hire’s mum/dad/grampa/neighbor phones to ask me why I didn’t hire their offspring, I think I would have to blacklist that family for ever.

Seventh – With millions of web sites on the internet, what are the chances that people are pirating designs and pawning them off…Turns out it happens alot.

Eighth – While Sportsnet has turned into the YTV of sports channels, the Score is easily turning into the prime location for sports information. In particular, the Score tonight with Sid Seixerio & Tim Micallef which is quiet possibly the best example of what a Sports show should be.

This is the Dawning of the age of Huselius … the age of Huselius.


One last one – More mash-up wonderment from the HoodInternet – Eve Vs. Radiohead. Where’s your mother fuking Rainbows now!

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